Who We Are…


Dr. John Weishaar

John M. Weishaar, Ed.D. 

(pronounced “wiser”)

Founder of Wolf Creek Wilderness Seminars and Outdoor Wilderness Skills.com

John Weishaar has dedicated his life to education. For 30 years he has been involved in the personal growth of young adults. He has had the opportunity to deal with many aspects of self-esteem and self-reliance development.

Throughout these years, one theme has always been foremost, “In order to grow, a person must reach beyond their grasp.” Through challenge based initiatives and wilderness experiences positive life changing events can take place. The sense of self-confidence is powerful.

rugged leatherDr. Weishaar’s Wilderness Resume

Dr. Weishaar’s Life as a Wilderness Man

Dr. Weishaar’s Book – “Flint and Steel”





Lannon Heflin grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Northern New Mexico. He has vast experience inoutdoor situations. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. He co-facilitates the survival classes andteaches outdoor emergency preparedness skills atyouth camps.  Lannon now resides in Georgetown,Texas with his wife and three children.

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